The Pulsar® Model R86

Magnetrol is pleased to announce the release of several new enhancements for this prominent Non-Contact Radar transmitter.
The Pulsar® Model R86 is a high-performing 26 GHz transmitter offering circular polarization, nozzle extensions to 72″ (1.8 meters), advanced diagnostics, and is SIL 2 suitable with a Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) = 93.2%. In addition, with an antenna withstanding up to +750°F (+400°C) / 2320 psi (160 bar), this powerful transmitter is well-suited for a wide range of applications.

As our sales and installed base for the Model R86 continue to grow, we are committed to adding enhancements to address customer needs across all of our targeted end markets. This includes two new 26 GHz horn antennas, both of which are designed for use in corrosive applications where all wetted surfaces need to be protected, as well as new communication protocols and hazardous approvals.

Model RBE – Encapsulated Polypropylene Antenna
In addition to the existing 1½” NPT horn released earlier this year, the Encapsulated Model RBE antenna is now also available with several flanged process connections. (Sizes include 1½” NPT, 2” and 3” 150# flange.)
Rated to +175°F (+80°C) and 43 psi (3 bar), this horn is recommended for those simple applications where material compatibility is a concern.

Model RBF – Faced Flange PTFE Coated Antenna
Also available in a variety of process connections, the Model RBF is coated with PTFE. This antenna can tolerate those more-difficult applications up to +400°F (+200°C) and 275 psi (19 bar) where all wetted surfaces need to be coated. (Sizes include 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” 150# flange.)

Model R86 with Profibus PA Digital Output
The Model R86 is now available with Profibus PA™ digital output. Designated by “5th digit = 3”, Profibus PA™ adds to the extremely impressive and competitive set of digital outputs already offered by the Model R86.

Outputs now include:

  • HART®
  • Foundation fieldbus™
  • Profibus PA

ATEX Zone 0 Approval
The Model R86 can now be supplied with all of the necessary FM, CSA, ATEX and IEC agency approvals, regardless of horn antenna size or whether it contains a standard o-ring or HTHP Alumina seal.

For more information about the Model R86 and other Magnetrol radar-based transmitters, visit or give us a call 011 397 1105




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