PRESSURE CONTROLLER: There is no better time to acquire a new one.

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DRUCK pressure controller
Whether you’re familiar with the Pressure Controller functionality or just learning about it. the Druck PACE Series pneumatic pressure controller brings together the latest pressure control and measurement technology, to offer an elegant and economical solution to pressure control for production, test and calibration.

It employs full digital control to provide high control stability and high slew rate. Its digitally characterized pressure sensor offers the quality, stability, higher bandwidth and precision associated with this latest generation of piezo-resistive devices.
Get to know more about the Druck pressure controllers and don’t miss the chance to receive a discount when you upgrade from an old platform.
Models eligible for an upgrade to a PACE 5000 or 6000:
  • CPC4000
  • CPC6050
  • 6270A
  • DPI 515
  • Or any other equivalent*

*Equivalent suitability will be at the discretion of the Druck sales representative

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