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    OIH Protection Inclosures

Process Control Instrumentation in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Level and flow solutions

New Eclipse® Model 706 GWR Adapter For Ease-Of-Use In Troubleshooting Two Magnetrol Eclipse Guided Wave Radar (GWR) Model 705s were measuring interface in a desalter…
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The Pulsar® Model R86

Magnetrol is pleased to announce the release of several new enhancements for this prominent Non-Contact Radar transmitter. The Pulsar® Model R86 is a high-performing 26…
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This Product is DISCONTINUED

Please see the GE Druck UPS-III as the Recommended Replacement

Accutrons new product launch: Pro Series

The Accutron Pro Series is the Future of Mine Ventilation Automation. Easily monitor airflow,
temperature, pressure, humidity, toxic gas concentrations & more. Connect any other
Modbus RTU devices to the Accutron Pro. Convert data to a variety of protocols for simple
network integration.

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